★Today’s Diary — [121130] Super Junior never die! ♥ ㅋ

Boys were in black suit today! ♥


This is my flawless boy! Freaking hot, isnt he? >w<


“SUNGMIN AH SUNGMIN AH SUNGMIN AH <3333333333333” – @heequeenTing


“성민님 어머님과 할머님이 마마 보시러 홍콩에 오셨다네요 Sungmin’s mom and grandmother came to watch MAMAs in Hong Kong [ray_0203 v elf_thoughts]” – @NKSubs

And this is my flawless boys! ㅋㅋㅋmamamhk

They performed three songs with theme “Super Junior Never Die“; S.P.Y. + Mr.Simple + SFS! *sorry, I cant give you the link, it has been blocked by MNet :(*

And our Oppadeul-ie won three awards!! Here~

“#MAMA2012 – Super Junior won the Best Line Award, Best Global Male Group & Album of the Year!! Congratulations to our boys” – @13elieveSG


축하축하축하합니다~~~!! ♥ ㅋㅋㅋ



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