★Today’s Diary — [130101] New year? YEAH! ㅎ

Okay, first, lets say hi to 2013 and wave both your hands to 2012~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

New year has started! It means, new spirit must be started too!! 😀

Happy new year, everyone! 새해복 많이 받으세요, 여러분! ♥

Lets start this new year with all new spirit and joy! Bring joy to everyone around us~ Leave the bad ones in 2012, start the good ones since today! 쭉~ 캬캬캬~~~! ㅋㅋㅋ

And today, for ELFs around the world, 1st January is NOT ONLY a new year event, but also… 



Yup, today is his 29th birthday in Korean, but 27th for actual as he was born in 1986! 🙂

Wish him lot of loves this year as he wished! ♥

Stay adorable, stay cool, stay cute, stay good-looking, stay handsome, stay healthy, stay humble, stay kind-hearted, stay shining, stay smiling brightly, and also stay wealthy! LOL

Fighting for your comeback with SJ-M! Success!! o(^^)/

Ah, almost forget, this :


#HappySungminnieDay was trending 10th worldwide at 10:42 PM!


And #HappySungminnieDay trended 2nd this morning! Also #생일축하합니다성민 trended 3rd! ELFs power~ ♥ (cre : @WorldwideELFs)

I dont know other hashtags such as #HappyBirthdayLeeSungmin and #HappyBirthdayKingOfAegyo trended or not ._.

And he updated his own blog too last night. Here~


“Sungmin updated his Naver blog wishing himself a happy birthday with a cake icon haha xD” – @ELF_thoughts

Ah, almost forget again -_- Last night, SJ-M went to Jiangsu with private jet to have Jiangsu TV New Year Concert ㅋㅋㅋ


Siwon didnt go there ;___;

They performed Perfection + Super Girl + Destiny as well ^^ And what loving is, THERE WAS ‘Breakdown’ MV TEASER!! 캬캬캬~~~ I’m envy ;_;


And yeah, as I read, Siwon didnt join the group dance again ㅠㅠ But yeah, well, hope he will join the album promotion later ^^


이성민, saranghae~ ♥ Fighting for this year, Birthday Boy! 😉 Super Junior, fighting! Waiting for your new albums! 쭉~ ♥ SJ-M, fighting for your comeback! Big success, 어? Amen! ♥

여러분~ Fightooooo!! \(>w<)/


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