Hi there again! ^^

BEEN A LONG TIME. IT’S 2014 NOW! Happy new year, everybodeh! New year, new spirit! \^^/

I also want to congratulate to my forever-never-aging bias, Sungmin Lee, on his 29th year of existence! *sounds a bit strange, eh? XD* Wish you a happy merry born day! Stay cute, stay handsome, stay manly, stay pretty, stay cool, stay gorgeous, stay strong, stay humble, stay responsible, stay hard-working, stay kind-hearted, stay humble, stay down to earth, stay courageous, stay talented, stay healthy, (stay wealthy XD), and stay close to Daddy Jesus! We always pray and support you here. I always pray and support you here. Success for your musical and your later conscription! πŸ˜€ We love you the way you are~ ❀

Okay, I want to share some things I’ve got on my holiday this term. I’ve got quite many new things I think.

First, in this beginning of the year, I’ve been feeling very irritated because of K** and E** fans. They are really annoying me! Although I’ve found (?) one K** whom I think is wiser than other K**. The way HE answered each of my questions is really wise and friendly. Maybe because he is not a girl, that’s why he is way more… how to say? Polite, I think? Other K** are really rude in answering questions which they should not have answered that way, though :/

Second, I’ve found myself hesitating about some things related to my cutie pie, Lee Sungmin. I cannot really write it here in case people will read and mean it in another way that there can be a war here -___- But I’m hoping I will get out of this shit soon >< I want to believe him fully as I how I did these past 4 years.

Third, SM Town Week SJ “Treasure Island”!! >< For Super Junior fans, ELFs, YOU-HAVE-TO-WATCH-IT. You will regret if you don’t watch it, for real! >< The best performances in my opinion so far are… KyuWook’s rap performance (best recommendation for those who are in badmood mode XD), then I Believe (second best recommendation), I like Miracle too (it reminds me a lot about Super Junior in the past πŸ™‚ although not complete members are there 😦 ), then I’ve cried a lot from watching Kyuhyun’s solo performance; “Doll” (how cant I? he was like going to cry anytime ;~;), then Sungmin’s solo tooooo~ ❀ (I’M NOT JEALOUS, the performance itself kicked away my jealousy!), and oh! “I’ll Follow Him” or they called it “Sisters Act” where they dressed as nuns XD HyukDong’s ballad duet is not bad in my opinion πŸ™‚ After watching Kyuhyun’s solo, go watch this! And you will try hard to stop your tears–at least, it was what happened to me who hardly ever cry. For SM Entertainment, YOU-SHOULD-MAKE-A-DVD-OF-IT.

Fourth, I found myself these days are getting close to many people! And I’m just… happy! πŸ˜€ Getting to know many ELFs is interesting, though. Especially for me who will never start a conversation with other people, haha. I’m not being mean actually. I’m just… shy >< I’m worrying if the person I’m trying to talk to is getting irritated due to my action–because I don’t really like people who suddenly popped out (?) out of nowhere and trying to have a long long long conversation with me, asking me this and that to the extent I feel like I’m going to punch him.

Fifth… what again? Ah, my goal. I want to meet Sungmin or Kyuhyun or Super Junior, though. It’s my dream and I haven’t got the chance till the second I write this post. I hope someday in this year, I’ll get the chance! Amen πŸ™‚ For those who ever met Super Junior or certain members, I feel happy for you! Your hard work to meet them of course is not as easy as what people think, I know. I congratulate you! \^^/

Humm… I think this is the end of my post. It’s almost 2AM here now >< My past bad hobby (?) is back again.

Have a nice year, everybody!


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