Let It GO

Once again I come to my lovely book only to post about him. Oh man.

ByoPS12CIAAFflcWell, things have been confirmed—that they are officially announced as couple now. Both agencies have confirmed—well, truth just told me that the girl’s agency started the news out of nowhere—but neither the main actor nor the main actress of this PLAY has spoken up till yesterday.

Since Sept 24, 2014 (the release day of their relationship), my twitter timeline is getting so busy talking about this pretty doll named Kim Saeun. Well, talking bad about her, of course. OTL

Actually this rumour has started since the beginning of this year (if I’m not mistaken), when a bot user-ed sungmin_lee8611 on twitter tweeting about Sungmin-Saeun’s couple things and even mentioning—well, if I may call, disturbing—some Sungmin stans. And I BELIEVE THAT SHE IS THE KIM SAEUN HERSELF, NOT Saeun’s fan. 🙂

How can I know? Because I stalked her day and night. lol I also found Kim Saeun’s instagram and found out that they—sungmin_lee8611 and Kim Saeun on instagram—have the same, sorry, kind of broken English. For those who are still wondering, Kim Saeun on instagram is the real her (because a musical actor or drama actor I think, tagged her a photo of her and him).

TWO. Not to be rude, but she is… not that famous to have a crazy fan to stalk her on Facebook and even stalk Sungmin to find out their couple things. I meant, even K-netizens don’t really know who she is—I’m really not trying to be rude here, really.

And today, on the first day of October, I read that she mentioned something about her relationship in an interview where SHE SAID THAT HER RELATIONSHIP WITH SUNGMIN IS A B-U-R-D-E-N.

Well, I made this post not to talk bad about her, but to talk about the truth and the reality we are seeing. For those who are still supporting them and have opposed this post, I will not jerk with your opinion.

I am against their relationship. I don’t like this girl and her behavior of showing off their couple things on social medias (fyi, she even made twitter which is claimed her ‘own’ twitter). I also asked myself—and really wanted to ask Sungmin—why he chooses this girl at the first place; how he can fall in love with this girl; does he know how she acts on social medias; how he feels right now after all the girl has done.

But hey, Ever Lasting Friends, don’t you think we should sometimes be a little bit… cruel… bad… to Sungmin, our best friend? 🙂 He chooses her must be because of something we don’t see in her but he sees, right? So let him be with whatever his choice is. Once he knows she is doing no good for him, then he will let her go by himself. We don’t need to ask him to break up with her right now. Let them be first. By the time he knows what kind of girl she is like, that must be the time he finally realizes everything. By the time it happens, there we come to comfort him as best friends and cheer him up again. Let him learn a life lesson~ Let him fall once, let him lose once, for him to get the bestest for his life. All we want is his smile, don’t we?

So all we need to do for him now is to smile with him and stay beside him within the days~ ^^ <333


One thought on “Let It GO

  1. The relationship is like a scenario.
    From the very beginning about the twitter account, I bet too it’s kim saeun herself. It’s immposible ELF right? And is it possible for saeun to have a very ‘lovely’ fan who love if Min n saeun together n then matching their stuffs?? Haha.. Will Sungmin just silence if his girlfriend posting the same stuffs with him?? It’s really weird.
    Sungmin,, are you really dating with this girl?? She’s like a crazy n psycho girl. The confirmation of SM also doubting, no photos from dispatch n very rushing.
    I will very happy if Min have dating, but not this girl who riding your fame n crazy.


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