August 1st — Happy 8th Anniversary, My Boy!


SOS — Sea of Sisters made your debut in 2005! I watched it, I watched! ><

The ending was such sweet yet made me wanted to kill the producer! Did they become a couple at last or not? ><


8th Anniversary…ㅎㅎ


Time goes really fast.. 8 years went by so fast
That I don’t know how.. It passed..^^

I am having thoughts like “Have I been doing well?”..ㅋ
I’ve been running hard.. But I don’t know.. if I’ve been doing well..

Making them worn out, and giving scars without realizing..
But they remain by my side to cheer for me
The people who are strength to me
Manager, stylist..
And beloved fans..
Sorry and thank you…

Really… It’s hard to express it when you’re right in front of my eyes..
Sometimes, I am happy but I pretend that I am not..
Sometimes, I don’t know what expressions to make…

But I am really really thankful to my people
Who are always hugging me tightly..!

8 years… 8 years..

It’s not a short amount of time..  But I don’t think I’ve achieved anything great yet..
It’s nice to keep the first-mindset and work hard..

But let’s do well now too! .. Do well…ㅋ

(cr : @NKSubs via @sungminholic)


He is too handsome today… My handsome boy ♥  ;~~~;


Happy 8th debut anniversary, Mr Lee!

God bless you for what you have done, what you are doing, and what will you do 🙂

Stay humble to everyone as you always do.

Keep smiling and stay happy forever, my boy! ♥

We love youuuuu! \[^^]/♥\[^^]/ 사랑해~ ㅋ



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