★Today’s Diary — [121114] Boy, congrats for your graduation! ^^

“정답은 대학원^^ 우린 대학원 동기들!!! http://t.co/XYANG6kI” – @poimin73

“Xia Junsu and Sungmin are from same graduate school~ http://t.co/yA13TN8” – @NKSubs

“[INFO] Congrats to our cutie, Lee Sungmin for graduating from University! Together with Xiah Junsu!ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ [c.13lovewSJ]” – @sungminholic

“Sungmin is doing his masters in Myeongji University now. [CR isungmincc]” – @heequeenTing

And he went to Kona Beans after that, held a mini fansign there with no camera allowed~ ㅋ

“Hur! Sungmin had mini fansign at Kona today?!” – @heequeenTing

“So sweet! At Kona Beans, Sungmin said he would give autographs if fans would put away their cameras! (source: LIV单恋晟敏, via scarkyu)” – @SGSJELFs

And he was just too busy with his phone. Bussiness man now, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ

And here are the most incredible moments!!

“[INFO]11/14 Sungmin went to Kona Beans to give a car to his mum as a present, his dad came along too! Actually Ming was in the resting room, but he said if the fans wouldn’t take pictures, he’ll come out to meet everyone. So Ming’s dad told everyone to take pictures of him instead, he’ll be a substitute! And he danced sorry sorry too!

Lol in the end it became a mini autograph session at Kona Beans~

[c.Isungmincc,via minniestarrr]” – @sungminholic

And today, my T-list is just full of news! Here :

“Eunhyuk at TLJ, Yesung at Mobbit, Sungmin at Kona Beans. All their mom’s shops, all gave signatures. Fillial sons, busy ELF #ELFthoughts” – @ELF_thoughts

pics’ credit : poimin73@twitter.com; d0nghae86l015@twitter.com; snowdrop8611@twitter.com



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