★Today’s Diary — [121030] He is a member of Super Junior too, don’t you know?

“[10/30-Jungsoo enlistment] Shindong was crying, Kyuhyun looked like he was about to cry, and #Sungmin had a hand over his face [c.crappycrab39]” – @sungminholic

“[10/30-Jungsoo enlistment] After Leeteuk left Sungmin hugged Ryeowook, before getting into the car he turned back to look at the military base [c.LIV单恋晟敏]” – @sungminholic

“WTF SLAPS! RT @meatyoudumpling: WAH LAU! THERE WAS A REPORTER WHO RUSHED TO GO INTERVIEW HYUK AND HE PUSHED MING. hurrr the camera his his head abit. T.T” – @heequeenTing

“RT @SJia13: When can people start taking Sungmin seriously? 😦 He’s always working so hard silently and hardly anyone acknowledge him </3″ – @heequeenTing

“I hate hate hate it when people always treat him as invisible. HELLO YOU CANNOT SEE HIM AH!” – @heequeenTing

“RT @meatyoudumpling: This is the GIF of the camera hitting sungmin’s head… pretty obvious he didnt bother to apologize also. http://t.co/q7i0FWl9” – @heequeenTing



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