★Today’s Diary — [121027] New interests, new spirit! ♥

Just love what you do, just smile when you’re doing it, and you will pass it with a new spirit! ♥


Well, I was cleaning my messy cupboard while recalling my childhood memories when I tidied my ribbons’ boxes.

And you know what?

I found many of my childhood’s things which maybe I have forgotten for years.

I started smiling while tidying all those things.

Well, I was a bit—really, if you want me to be honest—proud when I realized all of those things still in correct arrangement. Yeah, I had never touched even seen them for years—I’m really lazy to tidy up my cupboard!

Although some—most, maybe?— of them aren’t in good condition already, I was still really proud that I still have them and to pity to throw them.

And one more reason for me to proud of myself was, I still have some old money which may be expensive if I want to sell them to museum! LOL

But I won’t. Don’t care how expensive when I sell them, I will keep them as my childhood memories when I used to save money ㅋㅋㅋ

Okay, I know this is a random post. But I’m just to proud of myself—I’m not being show off or something, I told you—when I can keep my things properly.

My ribbons, my notes—old money, my cassettes, and other things!—even I can’t remember properly cause I’m too exciting now! ><

Well, this is just my opinion—or suggestion?

You must keep all your precious things from now on! You know why?

When you see all those things maybe 10 years later, you will know how I feel tonight and keep your memories in them.

Although maybe in those 10 years, you have forgotten all of the memories you ever had, you have saved them in those things, right?

Ah, one more, I found some new interests ㅋㅋㅋ One of them is I want to collect all photoshoots for Vogue Girl, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and its friends—I can’t remember.

You know, now I’m in my imagination to create such amazing magazines! And FYI, I will catch what I chase until I grasp it in my hand

ps : I don’t care anymore with my grammar!—well, my English is not really good. I’m just to happy now to state I’m just a 15-year-old girl which is in her being-mature period! ><


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