★Today’s Diary — Times… ㅠㅠ

Fanfiction—where you can explode (?) all your imagination inside your mind out…


I was a quite famous writer among ELFs—okay, I’m not trying to show off or what, this is just what I feel ㅠㅠ

But now, it’s hard for me to write such these things, 휴~

And I think I know why…

First, my assignments! After entering SHS, I become more busier that I can’t even have a glance on my phone before 6 p.m.—or even 7 p.m. on Mon, Wed, and Fri because I’m having course ㅠㅠ

Second, because of my assignments, I’m getting tired easily nowadays ㅠㅠ Although I’m still having my damn insomnia, but it’s hard for me to do anything else except just close my eyes and listen to music ㅠㅠ

Third, I don’t have any time even to have a while sit when I get home. Usually, when I get home, I’ll sit for a while, taking breath while listening to  music. And there my brain works! Think of such ideas for my stories. But now? Hell.

So, last, for lovely admins out there, fighting for you all~ \(^^)/ Keep writing, especially those ones who have got ability in writing!

And thank you for those who support me to always keep fighting~ 🙂 Of course, for you who wait for my next writing—that I myself don’t even know when will I continue them—thank you very much! ><

Don’t just keep waiting mine, read those out there ones, too. They are great, too. Okay? Ciao~ 😉


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