Happy (belated) birthday, Kim Ryeowook and Park Jungsoo… ToT

21st-June-man and 1st-July-man, I apologize you… ToT


My sweetest humble man, and my kindest dimple man, forgive me… (T/\T)

I couldn’t shout ‘Happy birthday!’ to both of you on time…

But it’s better late than never, right? :]

Although — maybe — this is a nonsense and the shortest birthday post, I wanna post it no matter what! :p


Wish you a lot of joy and happiness, also much more joyful teaser, not sadness tears! 🙂

Enjoy your time with members, eo?

Fighting, my 25th Kim Ryeowook for your Immortal Song! 😀

And for my 29th Park Jungsoo, fighting for your WGM, too! 😀

Precious to have you two in my life! ^^

E.L.F. will give you the bestest we can give, don’t worry!

Take your time, Babies~! ^^

Syupeo Junieo, fighting! 6jib, fighting! E.L.F., fighting! ^^


Presented by : MsFashionable97 — 152 words


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