Super Junior 5집 — Mr Simple

a/n : I take some parts of the songs’ lyrics in this album and make them into quotes! ^^


01 Mr Simple (미스터 심플)

[Siwon] 걱정도 팔자다 작은 일에 너무 연연하지 말자 몸에 좋지 않아 — “Mind your own business, don’t be too attached to trivial things. It’s not good for your body.”

[Heechul] 실적이 올랐다가 떨어졌다 그런 때도 있지 — “There must be times when my performance goes up then down, too.”

[Sungmin] 속 썩는 일이 한 두 가지 아닌 세상에 우린 살아 — “We are living in this world where annoying things aren’t just one or two.”

[Leeteuk] 자유란 게 뭐 그리 별거 있나? Just get it get it! — “Is there any big deal about that thing called freedom? Just get it get it!”

[Yesung] 오늘은 밝게 웃어봐 그대의 환한 웃음에 모두 기분 좋아져 — “Smile brightly for today. With your bright smile, everyone will be lightened up.”


02. Opera (오페라)

라틴 라틴 쉽지 않은 언어들로 또 혹은 극적 극적 스토리에 빠져들고
가장 비싼 옷을 옷을 입고 우아 좀 떨면서 극장의 가장 좋은 좌석에 만족한 너
여긴 다르다 — “Losing yourself in the difficult Latin, Latin languages or the dramatic, dramatic stories. Wearing the most expensive clothes, clothes. Wow, trembling a little, you’re satisfied as you sit in the theatre’s most expensive seats. It’s different here.”


03 Be My Girl (라라라라)

힘들어 머리부터 발끝까지 니 취향에 딱 — “It’s so hard to become exactly like what you want from my head to toe.”

진짜 이상한 건 사실은 난지 몰라 돌고돌고돌아 어질어질 어려워 끝내 미소 한방 그거 하나에 — “Maybe I’m the one who is weird. Round and round and round I go, so dizzy, so hard, just because of one smile from you.”

또 좌충우돌 예측불허 괜찮아 다 좋아 — “Even if it’s unpredictable and has a great deal of trouble, it’s OK, it’s all good.”


04 Walkin’

발길에 넘어지면 나 다시금 털면 돼 — “If I trip over my feet and fall, I can just brush myself off.”

ps : This song’s meaning is really good, I swear! >< You must read it here! ELFsiwonnie : Super Junior — Walkin’


05 Storm (폭풍)

[Donghae] 그 입술을 열기도 전에 모든걸 알아버린 내가 원망스럽다 — “I hate myself for knowing everything before you even opened your mouth.”

[Kyuhyun] 마치 빗물처럼 지워질 운명이겠지만 — “It might be a fate that will wash away like the rain.”

[Yesung] 이 걸음의 끝을 보내는 마음을 넌 모르겠지 — “At the end of this walk, I let you know but you wouldn’t know.”

[Donghae] 앓고 메말라 버린 입술 그 위로 흘러내리는 내 눈물의 의미를 넌 모르겠지 — “The meaning of these tears trickling to my dried lips — you’ll never know.”


06 Good Friends (어느새 우린)

이렇게 우리 많은 날 함께 할지 그땐 정말 몰랐어 — “At that time I never thought we would have so many days together.”

이렇게 우리 서로를 알아갈지 그땐 정말 몰랐어 — “At that time I never thought we would get to know one another in this way.”

나눈 게 많잖아 (oh, oh) 흘린 땀 눈물 비밀 — “Plenty was shared between us (oh, oh). The sweat, the tears, the secrets.”

미워했던 시간까지 난 사랑할 수 있겠어 — “I am even able to love the times we hated each other.”

떨어질 수 없어 보고플 거야 그리울 거야 — “We can’t be separated, I’m going to miss you, I’m going to yearn for you.”

다 포기할 뻔 했지 하지만 우리 손을 놓지 않았어 — “I was about to give up everything. However, we didn’t ever let go of each other hands.”

이별을 하겠지 (oh, oh) 못 볼 수도 있겠지 그땐 우리 추억 힘이 될까 다시 만날 때까지 — “Someday, we will all have to say goodbye (oh, oh). When that happens, our memories will give us strength until the day we are able to meet again.”

ps : This song’s lyrics are so touching, too :’] It talks about how the friendship will start and end. Must read! *sobbing* My 세계 Your Inspirations : Super Junior — Good Friends


07 Feels Good (결투)

어쭈 잡아떼긴 듣기 지겹다 뱉어내는 lie lie lie lie — “Stop playing innocent — I’m sick of your lies. All you say are lie lie lie lie.”

네가 만든 비극 속에 살아남을 나지만 두고두고 보겠어 — “In this tragedy that you made up, I will be the one to survive. But I want to see how you end up.”

한입으로 두 말하면 어떤 결론 나는지 — “Let’s see what happen when you talk of two different things with one mouth.”

또 사소한 일에 목숨 걸고 다투지 — “Don’t fight over trivial things.”

그 순간 미련 따윈 버리고서 남자답게 떠난다 — “You have to leave all the past behind and take your leave like a man.”


08 Memories (기억을 따라)

사랑했잖아 우리 함께한 많은 날 동안 함께 아파했잖아 서로의 일인 줄도 모르고 — “We used to love during the many days we were together. We used to hurt together — making each other’s pain our own.”

좋아했잖아 작은 내 미소에 웃어줬잖아 함께 울었었잖아 나의 눈물에 아파했잖아 — “We used to like each other — you laughed at my smile. We used to cry together — you were pained by my tears.”


09 Sunflower (해바라기)

사랑이 싹트는 소리 그녀 오는 길 뿌려놓지 yeah — “I scatter the sound of love budding on the street she walks, yeah.”

여기까지 조금만 더 와 줘 나라는 사람 그 눈에 보여 질 수 있게 yeah — “Come over where I am, just a little bit more. So that you can see what kind of person I am.”

항상 나 여기 서 있어 그녀가 날 반기러 멈추도록 — “I stand here as always — so she can stop to greet me.”


10 White Christmas (엉뚱한 상상)

하늘은 착하게 사는 곳에만 축복을 내려 줄거라 하지 — “The skies only bless places that have good people.”

폼나게 쭉 미끄러지게 썰매 끌어줄래? 루돌프 사슴코 O.K.? — “Will you pull my sled so that it will smoothly glide? Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, O.K?”


11 Y

너는 그리도 지쳤는지 — “Missing you that it becomes restless.”

지우려 했던 그런 나를 용서해 줘 날 — “Please forgive me who wants to forget you.”

혹시라도 네 맘 변할 때 돌아올 길에 내가 서 있을게 baby — “Perhaps when you change your mind, I will stand on the road where you used to travel back to me, Baby.”

준비했던 네 이별이 나에게는 지금 죽을 것 같이 아파 — “Your leaving which had been known earlier, has no difference from a pain which cause me almost dead right now.”

근데요, 그대여 우리 함께였던 일분 일초가 눈부시게 아름답던 예쁜 미소가 그리워 네 맘에 꼭 닿길 — “But, those moments we spent together, minutes and seconds which we misses the shimmering, beautiful smile, has to be kept in your heart.”

사랑한단 말 널 향해 하는 말 — “The phrase ‘I love you’ — the phrase from me that only you can listen to.”

보고 싶단 말 널 안고 싶은 말 오직 한 사람 — “The phrase ‘I miss you’ — the phrase that says I wanted to hug you.”


12 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

[Ryeowook] 계속 내려앉는 내 가슴이 네 흔적만 찾고 있으니까 몇 일째 – “My heart continues to sink because it only looks for your trace for days.”

[Yesung] 모래알 같아 밥 한 숟갈 억지로 삼켜봐도 – “When I forcefully swallow a bite of food, it feels like a grain of sand.”

[Yesung] 너 없는 하루는 멈춰있어 지금 이대로 – “The day without you has stopped. Just like this now.”

[Kyuhyun] 씻겨진 번진 글씨처럼 너와 난 흐려졌어 지워졌어 – “Like the writing that has been washed away and smudged, you and I have been blurred and erased.”

[Kyuhyun] 깨져버린 조각같은 추억들만 박혀 있는 것 같아 – “It feels as if only the memories that are like broken pieces are stuck in it.”


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