Words from Super Junior…

“If the world betrays Super Junior, E.L.F. will betray the world, too.” — E.L.F


“Super Junior is not a group who will extinct in two or three years. We will always be with E.L.F. for 20 or 30 years until E.L.F. doesn’t need us again.” — Leeteuk

“It is because we have 13 members, if a member quits of our group each year, we can shine 13 more years!” — Leeteuk

“Without ELF, I’m just an empty shell. I will always love E.L.F., even if SJ has been forgotten (by E.L.F.).” — Leeteuk

“I always want to cry when I see sapphire blue sea. I love you, E.L.F.!” — Leeteuk

“Kangin is still a very important member to me. Hangeng, too. No matter when he comes back, I will still welcome him back warmly.” — Leeteuk

“If there were no E.L.F., Super Junior wouldn’t exist.” — Heechul

“And because E.L.F. is exist, Super Junior is eternal.” — Heechul

“The most important thing is E.L.F. Thank you so much and I love you.” — Hangeng

“Everlasting, reliable defender E.L.F., I love you.” — Yesung

“We are Super Junior because there are 13 of us. We have to be 13 to be Super Junior and to be on stage. It’s not a team where a member is bad or good, but we shine the best when all 13 of us are together.” — Kangin

“As like as we (Super Junior and E.L.F.) started together, let’s put up the end together.” — Kangin

“Super Junior has been poisoned by E.L.F.” — Kangin

“I hope we (Super Junior and E.L.F.) can be the one forever.” — Shindong

Sungmin’s quotes

“You guys (E.L.F.) are all so precious for me. Can’t be changed with other things.” — Eunhyuk

“If my life has got a book, I will write a word ‘Super Junior’ the biggest in it.” — Eunhyuk

“Even after I get old, I want to sing for them (E.L.F.).” — Eunhyuk

“Although we are different, we know that we are always together. Although we don’t say ‘I love you’ to each other, we know that we love each other. Although we don’t say we are one, we know that we are one. 13.” — Donghae

“I will keep in my heart, even after I die, the fact that I met E.L.F.” — Donghae

“You don’t need to be an E.L.F. from the beginning. You just need to be an E.L.F. until the end.” — Siwon

“They are (E.L.F.) like the heart which is the most necessary while I’m living.” — Siwon

“E.L.F. is just like my oxygen.” — Siwon

“When we went to China last time, fans would be holding a big banner with Super Junior in it. When I saw it, I would start counting from 1 to 13. When I reached the 13th member, it felt like all the members were gathering together again! I always believe, separation is just time problem. We definitely will be 13 together again!” — Ryeowook

“Super Junior is still be my favourite! Although I’m not there to perform with other members, my heart is still with 12 other members, believe me.” — Kibum

“E.L.F. is just like the shelter that I can rely upon.” — Kibum

“They are (E.L.F.) the existence that has to be there with us.” — Kyuhyun

“We are 14 members; Super Junior 13 + E.L.F.” — Kyuhyun


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5 thoughts on “Words from Super Junior…

  1. Super junior ( lee teuk . heechul . hangeng . yesung . kangin . shindong . eunhyuk . donghae . siwon . ryeowook . kimbum . kyuhyun ) ++++++++++ (ELF)= never ever after
    dont worry su ju im with where ever you go ..
    I will support U guys youbare my life .. icant breath without duper junior ..
    salanghe .. soo ding min ..

  2. I love super junior a lot.But I became an ELF in Oct 2013 and I felt that it is weird that I did not know them from their debut.But then when I read a siwon qoute where he said that it is just vital to be an ELF till the end then I felt really happy.I really do not have to feel guilty about the thought that i did not know them since their debut.I just know one thing and that is no could separate SuJu and ELFs.They are a family….☺Saranghae Yo SJ guys forever.

    1. hi! congratulation~~ \^^/ one (eumm, scary?) thing you have to know is, when you have become an ELF, it’s a life commitment you have to take. so PLEASE DO NOT BETRAY Oppars as other ex-ELF who now have become *sensored* fans.

      “I want to reach an agreement with you on 2 points. First, from yesterday at the airport. I ask you to watch out for your own safety. In particular, don’t chase our cars as it is too dangerous. Don’t do that even when other artists come to Shanghai. We should let them feel our presence but not the burden.

      The second promise now. We’re not young anymore. To us, marriage is no laughing matter and we did consider it carefully. Today, we got married to you and we will remember it. Please don’t have a change of heart, okay?” – Eunhyuk @ SS5 Shanghai

      it’s not like your freedom or your rights to like another group is limited or even banned. but if you now state that you will love them forever, you will be a pure ELF forever, and at the end you “betray” them, it’s just a shit, right? believe me, loving Super Junior is really one thing to be thanked (at least, for me who has been their fan since I was in primary 6 XD)


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