The Quotes of Lee Sungmin

“Love is like water. When there’s no water you will get thirsty and sad. But when there’s too much water, you don’t realize how precious it is.” – Lee Sungmin

“Isn’t this what love is? It’s because you love that you worry, you support, and you want to make someone happy.” – Lee Sungmin

No matter how much you love somebody there are times when you can’t love.” – Lee Sungmin

“I believe in fate to love. The people whom you’re supposed to meet, you’ll meet them later.” – Lee Sungmin

“We all have one life to live. Trying isn’t bad although it’s hard. I’ll do it until the end. Please watch me. I’m not going to lose.” – Lee Sungmin

“I feel like I won’t be able to do anything without E.L.F.” – Lee Sungmin

“Super Junior can sing because of E.L.F.’s support.” – Lee Sungmin

“Super Junior K.R.Y + T + M + Happy = 1.” – Lee Sungmin

“I wish that Sungmin will be an everlasting artist, instead of a star that sparks for a short time then gone.” – Lee Sungmin’s mom

“I’m always proud of my Sungmin, because he’s good and try to do his best all the time.” – Lee Sungmin’s mom


Presented by : MsFashionable97 – 205 words


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