Mr Anchovy, dance your day!

Was born on April 4th, 1986, Lee Hyukjae…


Kindergarten, primary school, junior high school…

And here you start!


A world where you find it’s an enjoyable place for you…

A world where you find yourself just like a big star even you just look at a mirror…

A world where you always feel like, “I’m the one and only one who dance here! So just look at me!”



And become trainee then…

Year by year…

That time comes! – you will show yourself as an attractive guy on stage!

But then?

That almost-reached-dream, just walked away as it flew…

Don’t give up, Man!


Your bestfriend has debuted with his groups…

And you?

Still there, train yourself to become the best later!

It’s okay, Lee Hyukjae!


Some years later…

Your dream comes true! – you stand in front of the curious people that longed for your perform…

And you did it!

You have done the best!


Until today…

You have done your great job for the 26th one!

Happy 26th birthday, Mr Anchovy! ^^

It’s just a too-simple-and-maybe-means-nothing-writing for you~ 🙂

I know, this can’t replace all your tears and joy you have had…

But this is the best I can give 🙂

Thanks for always showing us your gummy smile! ^^

May God always bless you wherever, whenever, and however you are~! 😀


Presented by : MsFashionable97 – 235 words


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